Thursday, February 23, 2012

FNE Battle of the Bluebonnets

On Thursday, 2/23, 12 dedicated readers competed in our campus level Battle of the Bluebonnets. These 12 readers showed exceptional dedication and drive in reading all 20 of the Bluebonnet Book Award nominees. They individually answered questions and digitally submited their answers with a remote control. on 2/23, we focused on all 12 participants- they each won a medal laser-engraved with their name, and got a free custom Battle tshirt.

On Friday, the morning after the battle, the top 5 competitors were announced on Broadcast. These top 5 finishers were eligible to move onto the RRISD Battle of the Bluebonnets at Sommer Elementary. Last year, we won 3rd place- this year, I hope to take home the Traveling Trophy to Forest North!

The scores were incredibly close. First place was Isabella Guerra, who only missed 6 out of 40 questions! Andy James, Alex Pertile & Brett Dick all tied for 2nd place, only missing 7 questions. There was a tie for 3rd place between Ezana Sileshi and Stephanie Ro, who only missed 8 questions each.

Ezana and Stephanie competed in an additional paper tiebreaker round, in which they both got perfect scores. Mrs. Fournier quickly created an additional four question round with super duper extra difficult questions. In this round, Stephanie beat Ezana out by one little question. Ezana will serve as our alternate, and Stephanie Ro has officially qualified for the 2012 RRISD level Battle of the Bluebonnets. Way to go, Steph!

Students and staff are welcome to attend our event and root for our Eagles on Thursday, 3/8, 4:00-5:00 PM. Competitors will enjoy a free snack, and will earn another medal for their participation in this elite level of reading excellence.

Another round of applause for all 12 of our Battle compeititors! You were wonderful! I am so impressed by your perseverance and love of reading. You must be very proud of yourselves.

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Jonathan Nelson said...

Whoa! Congratulations to the Reading Eagles!