Sunday, November 1, 2015

Forest North Staff Book Club Picks "The Martian" for November 2015

"The Martian" marks our 27th title of the Forest North staff book club!  Think of how we've grown as readers throughout all of these titles!

The FNE Staff Book Club started in 2011.  We read a book each month, chosen by a vote, and meet a staff member's house to discuss it, and announce the next book.  Our November title is "The Martian" by Andy Weir- have you seen the movie starring Matt Damon yet?  I have, and it was awesome!  

The Library is giving away a free paperback copy of "The Martian" for staff members.  To enter the contest, leave a comment about why you love the FNE Staff Book Club- don't forget to put your name so I can enter you into the drawing!  Winner will be drawn at random.


Terea said...

Lets see ??? I like book club because the group is so much FUN!!

Monti MacMillan said...

Even though I'm not a regular member of the FNE Book Club, I know this group puts their heart and soul into everything they do, and that includes having fun!

Janet Brown said...

1) I look forward to discussing different parts about the book as I'm reading, wondering what other's points of view are going to be
2) I love hearing what others thought were significant, many times they pick up on things I totally missed.
3) The snacks!!
4) Spending time with Harper and any other children that show up!

Melanie Clary said...

I try and read each selection that the group chooses (even when I can't find the books or attend the meetings, I put them all on my ever growing "to read" list). It's great to hear different perspectives and to fill-in-the-blanks because sometimes I am multi-tasking when reading and I skim over important pieces of information, haha!

Bonnie Stewart said...

Well, Janet took all mine.

I do really enjoy the discussions and hearing different perspectives and thoughts about the things the author leaves open.
Of course, the snacks are oh so tasty!
Well, the people are pretty nice too....

Lillian Cardenas said...

I LOVE the FNE book club! Although I try to read all the titles that we select, I do love seeing my wonderful FNE family and connecting them to my AME adopted family :) - Lilly