Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Texas Bluebonnet Award Update

We are thrilled to announce that the Texas Bluebonnet program is going well at Forest North.  On 11/5, Kieron in 4th grade was the student to read the 1000th Bluebonnet Master List book at Forest North!  The next day, Aiden in 4th grade finished his 20th book.  He's our first participant at the Battle of the Bluebonnets in February!  Our second qualifier for the Battle of the Bluebonnets in Michael, also in 4th grade!  We have many other students who are very close to reading all twenty books.  I'm also excited that we have our first class where every single student has qualified for the voting party- you go, Ms. Velasquez' 4th grade class.  Yesterday, the last student qualified and we all jumped up and down and whooped and hollered in her classroom!  It was a very exciting moment.  I've never had a class have everyone finish so early!  All together, we've already read 1159 Bluebonnet books, and the number keeps going up!

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Diana Fournier said...

Amazing program, amazing students. Congrats to Mrs. Fournier for promoting and supporting this great reading achievement.