Sunday, December 6, 2015

2015 Barnes & Noble Book Fair a success!

Forest North 2015 Barnes & Noble Book Fair by Slidely

Mrs. Pieper, PTA Treasurer, and Mrs. Fournier
We had buckets of fun at Barnes & Noble over the weekend.  Here are some photos of our many events- we had a different performance or demonstration every thirty minutes for most of the day.  Our initial estimates show us to make almost $1000!  Thanks to PTA for throwing this amazing event, and allowing the library to help coordinate!  We have a blast - thanks so much for all you do for our school.

Comic Book Club Members SERGEANT OPTIMISTIC & The Blur gave a demonstration!
Mrs. Stewart & Mrs. Miller volunteered their time to wrap gifts for tips!
Two awesome members of my Ghetto Cowboy Book Club. They led an awesome expert panel on the book.  

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