Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Comic Book Club

Comic Book Club has zoomed by the past few weeks, and we already find ourselves at our last meeting.  It has truly been a joy to work with these awesome kids.  Comics unites the coolest kiddos!  I hope when we do a spring session, we have more kids involved in it.  At yesterday's meeting, we made our own comic books.  Check out the geniuses at work below.  

We also have developed an awesome roll call system where one of our members announced our special secret superhero names, and then we say our catchphrase.  I am Library Girl (secret's out!) and my catchphrase is "Check it out!"  

Next week, at our last meeting, we have a special secret guest who works at Forest North but also has prior experience coloring comics professionally!  I can't wait to hear her stories & experiences!

Our comic book club members hard at work creating their own comics.
Z Man's comic.  I love this!

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