Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bluebonnet VIP Breakfast

Yesterday was the highly anticipated Bluebonnet VIP Breakfast!  3rd graders who read 10+ Bluebonnet nominees, and 4th & 5th graders who read 15+ books were all invited to a special breakfast in the library.  For historical purposes, we usually have about 15 kids attend this event.  As you can see below, this year, we blew that out of the water when 45 kids qualified for the VIP Breakfast!

Students were served by Mrs. Vetter. Mr. Stewart, Ms. Velasquez & myself - we wore aprons and put pencils behind our ears to really play up the server role.  They dined on breakfast tacos (potato or bacon!), bananas, muffins, orange juice and milk.  Congratulations to these amazing readers, and we look forward to seeing 13 of them compete next week in the Battle of the Bluebonnets!

Some of the most motivated, focused readers at Forest North!

Your lovely servers- Ms. Velasquez already left at this point to go teach her wonderful 4th graders!

Get ready to watch these kids show off their knowledge in the Battle of the Bluebonnets on 2/18 - here they are pictured with their favorite 15-16 Texas Bluebonnet Award nominee!

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