Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bridget Heos Visits Forest North

Forest North students in PreK-2, FCC & PPCD had a blast learning about how to write a book from Bridget Heos today.  Did you know that Bridget Heos has published about 100 books?  Mustache Baby was her first fiction book, where she made up a story.  She got the idea from her son and his friend laughing at a picture of a baby with a mustache.  Bridget Heos told us about how she writes a book, and how many editors will sometimes say no to a book before it gets published.  She picked kids from the audience to play the editors that turned her down or to be the last special one who said YES!  She also taught us about special goats who get a little bit of DNA in them to make their wool stronger.  Some kids bought a discounted book from our partnership with Barnes & Noble to get signed by Bridget Heos and meet our author.  Five lucky K-2 students also won a mustache drawing contest to eat breakfast with the author as well!  What a great day!  Thanks for all the fun, Bridget Heos!

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