Tuesday, March 8, 2016

4th Grade Brushes Up On Handwriting

Believe it or not, students do not get a ton of time to practice handwriting these days. Cursive is, sadly, hard to cram in with all the other material we have to cover with kids. We got back to basics this week with 4th graders and reviewed our capital and lowercase letters, because we want to make sure that all the wonderful things they write (the transitions, the smoothly logical arguments, the detailed progressions, the thoughtful opinions and facts) are getting across to their readers! 

We practiced with the D'Nealian alphabet, tried our hand at a few sentences, and most importantly, practiced our own names.  We checked out grips, made sure we weren't wearing our hands out by pushing down too hard, and we learned that you can turn the page whatever way works best for you.  We took a break every few letters to not cramp our hand. Hopefully these tips make a difference in our handwriting!

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