Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Forest North Library was thrilled to present Lucas Miller, the Singing Zoologist, on Wednesday, 2/19, for all students, with financial assistance from the PTA & a grant from the Texas Commission of the Arts.

Lucas did two shows, for our younger and older students, that tied to our Science TEKs and entertained us all.  The show for the older students featured an amusing quiz show with questions about wetlands, endangered turtles, and the Texas Bluebonnet, our state flower.

After the performances, Mrs. Albin brought to me her students' Science writings, where they wrote about their favorite part of the Singing Zoologist's performance, and what they learned.  Mrs. Albin said there was much discussion on the spelling of the word "metamorphosis" among the students as it appeared in many of their essays.  What bravery!

Check out the video for general information on Lucas Miller, and give his YouTube channel a try for some songs we heard at our performances, but also some new material as well!  Thanks for a great day, Lucas Miller!

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