Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here's Natalie, Kindergarten student, showing off her Dr. Seuss spirit with Mrs. Fournier. We had such a great time on Dr. Seuss' Birthday, we decided to continue the celebration yesterday at Future Eagle Library Night!

Yesterday was our first Future Eagle Library Night. Future Forest North students were invited to attend our monthly Library Night to have a Dr. Seuss story time, do some Seuss-y crafts, eat a snack, use PebbleGo on the computer to learn about animals, and check out books. These Eagles are going to be in our August Kindergarten class and were already reading in our library bathtub, using shelf markers and sitting perfectly in the story pit while we learned about rhyming words! This is great experience before school starts to make friends, meet staff and familiarize themselves with our campus.

We read The Cat in the Hat and then afterwards, the kids had three craft choices. They made a variety of Cat in the Hat placemats, Grinch masks, and reading door hangers. Current and future eagles also checked out books to take home and share.

Nicol Media, the Parent Support Specialist, and I cordially invite all current and future Eagles to attend every Library Night! Parents will learn about other upcoming events at school and have access to our special collection of books on parenting. Students will have fun learning, creating and socializing. Our next event is on April 20th, and Library Nights will continue through the summer as well.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Night of the Eagles

March 9th was a very special day here at Forest North Elementary. We celebrated Night of the Eagles, where we soar away with reading and community.

To celebrate the event, we all wore our pajamas to school. There were lots of cute slippers and PJs!

After our PTA meeting, students rotated between four rooms of reading. Ms. Jacobs delighted us with Spoon, Mrs. Decker told us of The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School, Mrs. Hermansen directed us to The Way Back Home, and Ms. Potral read Police Cloud. Good thing they have lots of practice and are great readers, because they were a success. Their audiences loved it!

After the books were all read, we all met in the cafeteria and had some milk and cookies! Elizabeth Kahura was on the scene to deliver tales of Africa. We sang songs in Swahili and danced to beautiful music. Elizabeth also told us a beautiful tale of a soaring Eagle and why being an Eagle is being a success! It was a fun night for all. Thanks to all who made it out!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dr. Seuss' Birthday

March 3rd is Read Across America, a holiday celebrating reading! It also happens to coincide with Theodor Suess Geisel's birthday!

Dr. Seuss is a special favorite of Mrs. Fournier because she is currently serving on the Geisel Book Award Committee, choosing the best book for newly independent readers published in 2010.

To celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday and Read Across America, we had a Seuss-a-thon here in the library. Readers from our school volunteered to keep Dr. Suess going all day long. Readers included Mrs. Lajaunie from the office, Ms. Barbara the lunch monitor, Principal Jacobs, Assistant Principal Decker, and Ms. Potral from P.E. We had a blast reading to each class.

Mrs. Rhea, Mrs. Fournier and Mrs. Meyer pretended to be Thing #1, the Cat in the Hat and Thing #2.

To make the celebration extra special, we encouraged students and faculty to dress up in their Suessiest gear with stripes, polka dots and any other related items.

Mrs. Fournier and Mrs. Perkins, the star-bellied sneech!

We had a great time reading and loving books together. For more information about Read Aross America, check out

Monday, March 1, 2010

Battle of the Bluebonnets!

RRISD elementary schools were invited to participate in the annual Battle of the Bluebonnets in Leander ISD! This was Round Rock's first time participating and we were so excited!

I needed a team! It was an easy choice- I went to the kids who read the most Bluebonnet books this year. Preethi, Zack, Wyatt, and Shelby had read all 20 books! Lindsay had read 16- she served as our alternate but got to particpate in the Battle as well.

Ms. Herold was kind enough to have t-shirts made for us!

After the dust had cleared, and our participants' brains were fried, and over fifty questions had been answered- we tied for 7th place! We only got 6 questions wrong!