Saturday, January 21, 2012

Forest North Bluebonnet party- Guest Blogger, Mrs. Lajaunie

The Forest North Library was bursting at the seams at the Bluebonnet Wii party last month. 118 students read enough Bluebonnet books to be eligible to vote for the 2011-2012 Bluebonnet Book Award winner. Students who attended the party enjoyed snacks, played the Wii, and were able to choose a free book and poster! Fun times were had by all. Ms. Moore and Mrs. Rataj won top honors for having their WHOLE class eligible to vote and attend the party. That is a lot of hard work and encouragement! Honorable mentions go to Mrs. McCollum, Mr. Helmlinger and Mrs. Albin for having 15 or more of their students attend the party. They, along with Ms. Moore and Mrs. Rataj earned a free lunch from Mrs. Fournier for their accomplishment. The top voted book at Forest North was Out Of My Mind, followed by Hallelujah Flight. Congratulations to The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda for being voted the winner of the 2011-2012 Bluebonnet Book Award.

Some students went beyond the required reading in order to reach other goals. For example, students who read 15 or more books are invited to the Bluebonnet VIP Breakfast and will recieve a $5 gift card to the Forest North Spring book fair. Students who read all 20 Bluebonnet books are invited to the VIP Breakfast, will recieve a $10 gift card to the book fair AND they get to participate in the campus-wide Battle of the Bluebonnets. The top five students from the Forest North battle on February 23rd will get to represent Forest North in the district battle next month! Fingers crossed that we bring home the RRISD Traveling Trophy.

Thanks to all of the 3rd-5th grade teachers and students for making this year's Bluebonnet season a HUGE success. Next year's list of Bluebonnet books is now available online, and Mrs. Fournier plans on offering 2 sessions of Camp Bluebonnet again this summer for students interested in a head start. Get reading, Eagles!