Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Library Tips for the Best School Year Yet!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Now Seeking Fall Library Leaders!

Interested students in 2nd-5th grade are all cordially invited to apply for Library Leader positions.  This is a program of student volunteers who work in the library to keep it running smoothly. 

Library Leaders applications are due 9/11 - only two students will be selected per class, and typically we have about 60 applicants.  We will have two students serve each class in the fall, and an new crew in the spring, to maximize opportunities for interested candidates. We have a grading rubric that we use with completed applications to see which students are interested in making book reviews and helping other students in the library. We're looking for students who can work independently, get great recommendations from their classroom teacher & have great customer service skills. We need dependable, reliable workers with good attendance records who will volunteer once a week before school to help customers find and check out books, and manage checkout for their class. We encourage you to make sure those applications are complete and returned before the deadline!

Sound like something you'd like to do?  Get the application by clicking on the photo of the application, or come grab one in person from the Library.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Forest North Staff Book Club Picks "The Rocks" for August 2015

The Forest North Staff book club was started in the 2011-2012 school year by Mrs. Fournier & Mrs. Peyton.  We read a book between meetings, voted on by all of us, and meet at a staff member's house to discuss it and announce the next book.  Our August title is The Rocks by Peter Nichols.  We're excited to be meeting at Mrs. Miller's house!

In honor of starting our 4th year of book club at Forest North, I'd love to give away a copy of The Rocks.  To enter, just leave a comment with your last name and why you love the FNE Staff Book Club!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

2nd Annual Library Lock-In 7/29

We had 28 students join us for a 7 hour reading marathon on July 29th at the Forest North Library for our 2nd annual Library Lock-In!  We had a blast and kept our reading skills sharp.  I read One Word That Will Change Your Life (more on that later) and half of Zane and the Hurricane. It was so nice to have some dedicated time to sit and read.  The first book was assigned to the Forest North Leadership Committee by Principal Jacobs. It helps you to identify a one word goal for your school year (or calendar year, for you non-teacher types.)  It has helped many sports teams, religious organizations, schools, and businesses reach their goals without giving up!  Mrs. Young & I are working towards choosing our "one word" for our upcoming school year!  I also got to read half of Zane, which is a Texas Bluebonnet Award nominee for this upcoming year.  It is absolutely captivating, and it was nearly impossible to drag myself away to do my Lock In responsibilities.  What a harrowing story.  Zane is visiting his grandmother in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hits, and he ends up home alone, trying to keep safe! He meets friends and foes as he tries to get to safety and higher ground.  I recommend both of these books!

Check out some of our reading at the Lock In! We had a blast!  Thanks to the Forest North PTA for donating door prizes and helping with arrival and dismissal, and thanks to staff members for volunteering time away from their summer break to help our kids have a great Lock In!