Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weston writes his favorite author!

Weston, a 1st grader here at Forest North, has had a special connection to his favorite author since the beginning of Kindergarten. That author is named Scott E. Sutton and he writes a series of books about a hierarchy of mythological creatures.

Weston and Mrs. Fournier got Scott E. Sutton's address and spent weeks drafting a letter to write him. During the weeks when the letter was drafted, Mrs. Fournier happen to notice that Scott Sutton was going to be a featured author at the Texas Book Festival here in Austin. Weston and his mom went and met Scott E. Sutton!

In his letter, Weston told Mr. Sutton a little about himself, why he liked his books the best, and gave lots of great details. He even reminded Scott E. Sutton that they met at the Book Festival, and asked if he remembered him. The letter took a bunch of hard work, and as Weston licked the envelope and Mrs. Fournier put on the stamp, they really hoped that they'd get a reply.

Within a few weeks, their wish came true! Weston got a letter mailed to him here at school, and inside was a letter from Scott E. Sutton! It was a great day. Weston shared the reply with his entire class and Mrs. Fournier got it on tape. Weston read the entire letter aloud by himself! What great reading and writing we have going on at school!