Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Reading

Can you believe we only have one day of school left? I can't! I know just the thing to keep you entertained and your reading skills sharp during summer break - read some of the 2011-2012 Bluebonnet Books! You could buy them at a book store, or borrow them for free at your local library! The Spicewood Branch of the Austin Public Library just came to Forest North last Friday for a visit and told us all about the fun events they're having this summer. Stop by for their awesome summer programs like a dance party, dog police officers, tap-dance man, Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens, and the Chicken Big puppet show! Don't forget to check out some of these awesome new 2011-2012 Bluebonnet Book Award nominees while you're there. If they're all checked out, you can put books on hold there too just like at school!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Forest North Library's Student Volunteers

Mrs. Fournier is planning for next year. Schools around the country are facing cuts. Forest North was forced to destaff the library assistant position this year, which was a challenge. Next year, we will be even more short-staffed. Write letters to your local government asking them to change things! In the meantime, Mrs. Fournier is coming up with creative solutions. She has lots of awesome student helpers that come during recess or after school! Consider this a sneak preview for next year...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Popsicle Update!

Only six students with eight books are still checked out! Almost all of Forest North has turned in all of their library books.

Congratulations to the following classes for earning their Popsicle parties: Craycroft, James, Perkins, Rosenbaum, Ellis, Guerra, Johnson, Rhea, Moore, Nixon, Mhatey, & Rugerio!

You rock, Eagles!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Only 23 students have books left!

Congratulations to Mrs. Rugerio's morning and afternoon classes, Mrs. Moore's class, Mrs. Nixon's class, Ms. Rosenbaum's class and Mrs. James' class!

They have all earned their popsicle parties! All students and the teacher turned in every single library books.

Many other classes are super close... who else will have a popsicle tomorrow? Make sure you turn in all your library books fast!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mrs. Fournier passed out over 100 overdue notices today to students at Forest North! Make sure you turn all your books in by Tuesday- all classes that turn in all books (students and teacher!) by Tuesday, 5/17 will get a Popsicle Party on Friday, May 20th!

RRISD's district-wide deadline for all books to be turned in is Tuesday, May 17th. Turn in all your books to help Mrs. Fournier do her annual inventory, and to earn your class a popsicle party!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Armadillo Readers Choice Sock Hops

April 15th was a special day at Forest North! We had a celebration in the library! Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade spent 10 weeks reading the 10 nominated books for the Armadillo Readers Choice Award. Each week, when students exhibited library expectations in the library, they earned a card. Classes that earned all 10 of their cards were invited to the Armadillo Readers Choice Sock Hops! The winning Armadillo Readers Choice Book this year was Wink- the Ninja who Wanted to be Noticed! Stay tuned to see if it wins throughout RRISD, Eagles!

The Sock Hop was a blast. Kids dressed up in 1950s outfits, slicked back their hair or put it in a ponytail, and had a blast doing the twist, the mashed potato, and the hand jive! Here are Logan and Jordan showing off their awesome outfits. Thanks for participating! I hope you had as much fun as me!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wimpy Kid 6!

Did you hear that there is going to be a Wimpy Kid 6? Mrs. Fournier read last night on the internet (check out the article here) that the new Wimpy Kid should come out next school year, and might involve Greg and his family getting stuck in their house when it snows a lot! I wonder how Greg and his brother will get along being stuck inside!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Raffle Winners for Book Fair Carnival!

The Class Preview Winners for today were:
Mackenzie in Mrs. Talley's class!
Joshua in Mrs. Rataj's class!

The Library Blog raffle winner was:
Sebastian in Ms. Ellis' class!

If you didn't win today, tune in tomorrow and Friday on Broadcast for another chance to win another $10 gift certificate to the Book Fair Carnival!

PS Mrs. Fournier found a Random Number Generator to get a winner! Thanks to Math Goodies for the help!

Book Fair Carnival Family Event!

The Book Fair Carnival Family Event last night was a blast! We had lots of fun Carnival acts including Madame Zora the Fortune Teller (Mrs. Perkins), Mrs. Talley the Amazing Acrobat, Soccer Tricks with Ms. Moore, the World Famous Face Painting Troupe (Mrs. Doolittle, Dr. Stallworth, Ms. Sayaovong, Mrs. Nixon, and Mrs. Peyton), the Stupendous Wandering Jugglers (Ms. Potral, Mrs. Hermansen and Ms. Mhatey), Mrs. Mills who can guess your weight and age or will give you a prize, Sohlin's lovely-lashed mom and grandma making awesome balloon animals (thanks Kimra!) Templeton and Rachel Albin as the dog&human singing&dancing act, and free popcorn from our lovely PTA moms Mrs. James, Mrs. Katzman and Mrs. McNair.

Thanks to all who helped- especially Mrs. Bibb, Mr. Fournier and Carolyn for helping out behind the cash register! I think the kids had an awesome time and it really helped build community. We also raised some money for the Forest North Library to buy new books, and in this time of budget crisis, it was greatly appreciated.

Thanks to everyone!

Mrs. Fournier
Ringmaster & Librarian