Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Wild West Book Fair

Yeehaw! The Wild West Book Fair was a big success! Check out our statistics, and thanks for moseyin' on down. Also try this game- click on the person's face to see who it is, then click "home" to go back and try another person. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Friday, November 10, 2017

Itsy Bitsy Spider in PPCD/TWC

Mrs. Hernandez' PPCD/TWC class came in today and we read The Itsy Bitsy spider and watched a cool video of it too. Since our spider in the book was relaxing with sunglasses, we got some shades too! Thanks for reading with me, Mrs. Hernandez' class!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

RRreviewsES: Triangle by Mac Barnett

“Triangle” by Mac Barnett is my favorite to read aloud. I saw him read it live and I copy his approach- loud, deadpan, almost stilted voice. So hilarious! Triangle plays a sneaky trick on his friend Square- or does he? I can’t wait to hear Square’s perspective in the May 2018 sequel!   #rrockreviewses @macbarnett

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Elizabeth Eulberg

3rd-5th grades were honored to hear the hilariously engaging Elizabeth Eulberg speak today. She made us laugh but also spoke to us about the writing process, deductive reasoning, and her personal story of overcoming dyslexia to become a Texas Bluebonnet Award nominated author. We love The Great Shelby Holmes and are excited to read the sequel now, too. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us, Elizabeth Eulberg, and thanks to the Forest North PTA for sponsoring this event. 

Coins for Coats 2017

What a triumphant return! I'm thrilled to announce that we raised a lot of money through the Coins for Coats program this year. The Round Rock ISD Serving Center counts on libraries across RRISD each year to raise money to help any RRISD student in need to get a winter coat. We raised enough money for lots of our own to keep warm this winter- what a wonderful way to give back.

The library would especially like to recognize Ms. Sayaovong's generous 2nd grade class for their donations. We have thanked them with a $10 gift certificate to the Wild West Book Fair. Thank you, sincerely.