Thursday, October 29, 2009

Red Ribbon Week for Healthy Lifestyles

This is Red Ribbon Week here at Forest North. Every day we are showing off our healthy lifestyle and our choice to not do drugs! We are also collecting canned goods to donate to an area food bank to prove "I can... you can.. we can have a healthy lifestyle!"
On Monday, we wore red to show we are "Reddy to Live a Healthy Lifestyle." Tuesday was "Hats off to a Healthy Lifestyle"... I saw sombreros, baseball caps, toboggans, fedoras and berets! Wednesday, we wore our shirts backwards to "Turn Your Back on an Unhealthy Lifestyle."
Today, Thursday, we decided to "Sock it to a healthy lifestyle!" We are wearing wacky, silly, odd socks to celebrate our choice to not do drugs! Here are some of the wacky socks that were spotted in the library:

Pictured: Abby in 3rd, Ariel in 2nd, Mrs. Benson, Erbey in 2nd, Ms. Lajaunie, Ashlyn in 2nd, Mrs. Decker, Stephanie in 2nd, Mrs. Fournier, Shelby in 4th, Mrs. Young and Mrs. Mills

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