Monday, March 7, 2011

Library Mailmen

I'd like to introduce Ethan and Joseph. Ethan has been my mailman since he was in Kindergarten, for over a year now. Joseph is my other mailman that started a few months ago. They are neighbors and classmates, but also co-mailmen for the library. This means that they are experts in lots of various systems we have. They take my outgoing mail every day down to the office, sort it by interoffice mail and literal postal service mail, and put it in the correct spots. They, then get my new mail (and I have 3 mailboxes!), bring it back down, and sort it. They sort returned interlibrary loan books, do lots of deliveries for me all school for new students' ID cards, books that students have put on hold, receipts, permission slips, and all kinds of other deliveries. They make copies, punch holes in new badges and attach lanyards, sort returned books for me on the bookcarts, and shelve big books, all in about 10 minutes a day. They're quick and quiet and always responsible. The library wouldn't be a success without them! Thanks for all you do, mailmen!

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Mrs. PE said...

That is so great that they have this job. What a great opportunity to learn responsibilities of a real job. Way to go Ethan and Joseph!