Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Camp Bluebonnet 2012 - Wednesday

On our third day of camp, we read the beautiful nonfiction picture book Just Being Audrey. It's a biography. That means (as I'm sure you already know, you smart reader, you) it's a book about a person's life.

After reading, we then watched some of the primary source material (including a few really cool videos) provided on the Texas Bluebonnet Award resources website about Audrey Hepburn's life, good deeds, movies, & fashion. In the book, we learned how after WWII, when Audrey was just starting out as an actress in Paris, she had few clothes, but didn't let that stop her from being fashionable. She had one scarf that she wore 12 different ways- as a head wrap, a bow tie, belt, etc. Mrs. Kuperzstoch and I tried to be tricky. We brought random items from around the house that we thought would be difficult to find uses for. But our genius campers blew us away with their creative ideas for our paper fans, measuring cups, wooden ring holders and koozies.

Speaking of creativity- Just Being Audrey didn't lend itself easily to a snack. Audrey does mention a delicious candy bar she was given by a sweet volunteer when they were liberated from their hideout in Belgium after the war, but that didn't seem unique enough for our campers. So, we looked elsewhere. Each year at Camp Bluebonnet, in addition to our daily picture book, we also work towards reading an entire chapter book. Every day we read 1/4 of the book. This year, our chapter book was Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie. That title, as I'm sure you can imagine, lends itself to a very creative snack.

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