Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bluebonnet Fun Night: Under the Mambo Moon

Three of my fellow librarians and I are on a mission to spread the word about the awesome Texas Bluebonnet Award nominees this year! We are each hosting a party at our schools to promote one title. The lovely Ms. Wimmer of Sommer Elementary volunteered to go first. She's the one on the far right with the red lanyard. We were overwhelmed by the response- we had over 200 guests at our first Bluebonnet Fun Night! This included 7 Forest North Eagles. Thanks so much for representing, my Eagles.

Ms. Wimmer arranged for a wonderful student production of Under the Mambo Moon to honor this expressive book about the joys of singing and dancing and Hispanic culture.
Sommer students coordinated a splendid readers' theatre. Her students did a fabulous job at costuming, reading with expression, using microphones, and really getting across the essence of the book- Latin dancing is awesome!

Then, Ms. Wimmer arranged for Austin High's Ballet Folklorico group to come perform for us. They got stuck on MoPac, but we played an interesting game called The Professor in the meantime for crowd control! After they arrived, got dressed, and were ready to go, we were blown away by their talent. What beautiful dancing, music, costumes, and audience participation was encouraged! They represented six different areas of Mexico with their dancing, and had authentic costuming and dance steps to show us what it's like to be at a real Mexican fiesta.
Our next Bluebonnet Fun Night for Literacy is on Thursday at Jollyville Elementary. Each of these rotations are within only a few miles of FNE. Jollyville is doing a special Jazz night in honor of Play, Louis, Play!I really hope lots of Eagles come out to celebrate the magic of jazz and this biography of Louis Armstrong.
See you then, Eagles! Until then, keep reading!

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