Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Tomorrow starts the voting period for the Follett Challenge! Please vote for FOREST NORTH: THE MOVIE once daily. Mrs. Fournier and Fournier's Friends will be organizing our efforts to vote on every single computer in our school once a day, but we need everyone to vote on their home computers as well!

Bookmark our FOREST NORTH: THE MOVIE homepage (http://smore.com/2cgk) with a convenient voting link to make it easy for you:

The voting has a huge reward- the votes, combined with the grades judges give us on our movie and the essays written by Mrs. Fournier & Ms. Fennewald, can earn us up to $60,000 to spend on our library and technology for classrooms! We would like to start an eBook collection, buy some playaways for students to checkout (they're like an iPod with one book already downloaded on it- so fun!), and buy many more books on .mp3 and even refresh our collection with old fashioned paper books, too! $60,000 can stretch a looooong way, so we're open for suggestions on other forms of technology we can buy for the classrooms too!

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