Thursday, August 28, 2014

Photo IDs

Mrs. Vetter & I are hard at work this week getting a photo taken of every single student for their new Student ID cards!  These cards are used at breakfast, lunch, and in the library. We have a fancy new card printer, camera and tripod to do it.  So far, we've seen hundreds of beautiful smiles, and we can't wait to see more. 

As students have come through the library to take their photos, I've talked to them about the importance of these cards- keeping them looking brand new, and how to be responsible with it.  We liken it to an adult's credit card- no stickers, no marker, no holes, no bite marks, and we don't bend, break or lose them. If we adults lose a credit card, there are lots of consequences!  Luckily, replacing a lost card for a student is a little easier. I use funds I make through the book fair to purchase supplies for each student to have one card per year.  After that, though, it is the student's responsibility to pay for any additional cards.  Since the cards now have these beautiful color photos, a replacement card costs $5. It is RRISD district policy that students must have an ID card for lunch/breakfast and the library- it makes the lunch lines go way faster. Ms. Jacobs, our fearless leader, is collecting strategies for our campus-wide systems with classroom teachers to make sure they help keep students' cards where they should be.  I'm going to do something special for classes that lose zero cards this year, as in previous years, so let's work towards that goal together, Eagles!

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